How to Choose a Puppy

Choosing the right Puppy for Your lifestyle.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. Some peoples may not be the best for purchasing just any puppy.

For instance, if you live in an apartment you may want a small dog under twenty pounds.

If you have allergies you could choose a hypo-allergic puppy. A good choice for both situations

is a snoodle not only do they possess both of these qualities they are very affectionate and adorable

as well as being non shedding.

If your have a bigger home and a yard and love walking or perhaps you have a young family that

can grow with your puppy, a golden retriever or a lab is a good choice.

But remember pets are part of your family they love the same things you do; food,warmth,

companionship and love. If possible it would be best if someone was home most of the time while

your new dog is young. Leaving them alone can cause them to be lonely and anxious. They may

chew your best shoes or electric wires and they will urinate on you rugs, if you are not there to train them.

One last note , having a pet is a big responsibility not one to be taken lightly but if he is treated right will

be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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