Should We Legislate Pit Bulls

Should there be legislation preventing people with small children from owning vicious breeds of dog like Pit Bulls? After a recent mauling in Arkansas how come there is not a swarm of people demanding stricter laws governing who can own a pit bull and who cannot.

                There was a sad and shocking story out of Arkansas a couple weeks back a three year old boy was viciously attacked, mauled by his Mom’s pit bull. As word got out that the Mom lied on her application to the local humane society the story became even more heartening. You see this particular Humane Society has rules against adopting pit bulls to people with small children in the home.

                While there is no doubt that the mom should be held responsible for her actions a question could be posed about whether other legal means can be taken.

                In Florida shortly following the Casey Anthony acquittal there was a swarm of legislation, the desire was to make not reporting your child missing a crime. Where is the call for legislation this time? Where is the outrage? If the child had been accidently shot, people would be demanding stronger gun control laws. So why aren’t the people rising up to demand legislation involving pit bulls? Do we really love Animals more than people?

                The Humane society has the right idea, vicious breeds, like pit bulls should not be placed in homes with small defenseless children. Common sense should tell people that an animal with a reputation for being violent should not be around small children. There is of course a lot of misinformation out there, in the rush to protect people, myths have been spread which makes it harder to take reality seriously. However, even the ASPCA will make the claim that the Pit Bull is “far more likely to inflict serious injuries than most other breeds, simply because of his size and strength.” They of course still defend the animal as being unjustly accused of violence towards people, while admitting that main purpose a Pit Bull was originally bred for was fighting, and admitting that overly eager owners are breeding the biting back into their dogs. In a series of contradictions, the ASPCA tries to justify a breed that makes the news for attacking people, and with good reason. These breeds are among the most vicious dog breeds, and while the ASPCA might be willing to admit that the pit bull is more likely to inflict serious injury they are less likely to admit that these breeds pose a serious risk to people.

                Is legislation really the answer though? There are a lot of states that already have laws that specifically deal with Pit Bulls, so it seems as though common sense would suggest a law preventing owners from having these deadly creatures around their children would be a good thing. Still legislation isn’t necessarily the answer, small government demands, less legislation. Still there has to be a happy medium, where our small defenseless children are protected. If teaching parent’s common sense, like not leaving their children alone with vicious animals is not enough, then perhaps we will need to come up with some legislation to protect the children.

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  1. Pitbull lover

    On January 6, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    This is a horrible story but not all PITBULLS are mean!! I have owned PITBULLS all my life n it is all in how you raise them! My PITBULLS would give their lives to protect a child would let them crawl all over them pull on their face ears tail ect…PITBULLS are a wonderfully loving companion as long as they are raised right! You saying that all PITBULLS should be held responsible for one dogs actions n that all PITBULLS are mean would be like saying that all men/woman are horrible bc one man/woman was a murderer, so since one did something horrible well then it’s obvious that all men/women are like that!!!??? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!! IF THEY ARE RAISED WELL W GOOD TRAINING N LOVE THEN THEY WILL VE GOOD LOVIG LOYAL DOGS JUST LIKE A POODLE LAB OR GOLDENRETREIVER!! BUT IF RAISE TO BE MEAN N RAISED(by a human) TO FIGHT WHETHER FOR HUMAN ENJOYMENT OR FOOD OR WHATEVET ELSE THEN THAT IS HOW THEY WILL ACT! IT’S NOT THE BREED ITS THE DEED!!!dont punish all for for ones actions when it was their owners fault not the pitbull they were just doing what they were taught to do!!!

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