How Teach Canary Sing

It is not difficult to teach this small bird sing. The bird will sing along day.

Canary that is also the symbol of twitter is the diligent singer bird. It can sing day along. They have long chirp especially the male. Meanwhile, the female chirp is short and not loud. If you want teach the bird, you should raise the male.

Some book said that the bird can imitate other bird song. You can teach them to imitate other bird song. It can also say a word. In my country, the canary whose has hwa mei song is very expensive. Hwamei sound is long and very loud.

To make the canary whose has Hwa Mei song, the breeder separates the canary baby from the parent. They quarantine the baby in a room.  They intro the hwa mei sound to the baby. Finally, it can sing like hwa mei bird.

Carying the baby need many times. You should feed them many times because you separate it from the mother.

If you want to teach the bird sing, you can do like this.

1. Take care of the male of baby canary. If you have no time, you can raise young canary. A young canary can learn faster than the old.

2. Put the pen at quiet place. You can buy teacher bird or master bird such as Budgie, Hwa Mei, love bird, robin or other bird. Love bird is a good singer and talking bird. Put the master bird near the canary. If you have no money, you can use mp3 or tape recorder that plays bird song.

3. Feed them with high quality food. The feed also affect the bird song. If the bird health, It can sing beautifully.

4. Bath the bird. After bath, sun baths the canary. The bird will sing diligently. The sun shine is also important because it can kill the fungi and the bacteria in the bird feathers or skin.

I have read an article that Buckingham Palace bird nurse bath the bird with baby shampoo. He said the bird could win the competition because baby shampoo.

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