Learn How to Make Your Own Bird Seed Mix

Learn how to make your own bird seed mix to help save money and attract some birds to your garden this summer.

Nothing creates a relaxing touch to a backyard than a wide variety of birds visiting. One way to save money and make your yard more inviting to birds is to create your own bird seed mix. There are a number of ways to make your own bird seed mix which are inexpensive and can attract different types of birds depending on where you are living. Making your own bird seed mix also can be a fun hobby and additional to your casual bird watcher. Here are a few different ways you can learn how to make your own bird seed mix at home.

General Bird Seed Mix

To make your own general bird seed mix you will need to mix together the following ingredients, three fourths cup of flour, one half cup of water and three tablespoons of syrup with edible glue. Once you have this blended together add to the mix four cups of peanuts, fruits, raisins or anything else you might have around the house that you know birds enjoy. This mix allows you to create or sculpt the end product which will hold the form once it solidifies.

Bird Seed Mix Bells

Start with a peat pot and coat the exterior with edible glue. Roll your peat pot in bird seed and ensure you get good coverage around the entire pot. Let it sit and dry for five hours and then use needle and thread to decorate with bells, bows or whatever your artist taste might be. You can also create a hook using a hanger so that it can be hung.

Stars or pre cut patterns

Create the general bird seed mix recipe above to start with as your base. Roll out waxed paper over a tray and then spread your general bird seed mix out on top of the waxed paper. Use cookie cutters to cut out designs and then allow the seed to settle for five hours. Remove the cookie cutters and flip over the mix to allow to dry for additional few hours. Punch a hole near the top and run string or ribbon through so that you can hang your new bird seed mix from a tree outside.

Creating your own bird seed mix and feeders can be a fun experience on a Saturday. They add character and attract birds to a garden or backyard. The best of all is that creating this bird seed mix on your own will save you money and is made of mostly ingredients you will have around the house.

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