Raising a Senegal Parrot

I will give you useful information on raising a senegal parrot from my own experience.

If your reading this article you have probably adopted a Senegal Parrot, congratulations!

First here is all the details about a Senegal Parrot.

  • They come from West Africa
  • Medium size birds, about 10 inches in length from the beak to the bottom of the tail.
  • If you adopt your Parrot from a excellent breeder your bird will live to about 50 if you take good care of him/her. Yeah that’s a lot, if your over 30 it is possible your bird will out live you!
  • Senegals are grey in the head. There back is all green along with there wings. Their chest is a bright orange.
  • Senegals tend to be quite the acrobat. They love toys they can swing on.

All that information was just black and white. Senegals are very playful birds. They are great speakers if you talk to them enough. My Senegal Parrot loved music. Whenever you played music to him he would start bobbing his head up and down real fast and start moving around, almost dancing!
The downsides to a Senegal is they can be loud. My friend has a Senegal and his is very quiet. My bird on the other hand loves to screech and sing loudly. Which can be cute sometimes but other times annoying. When you are going to go to bed put a blanket/towel around your birds cage. The bird will learn that the towel means time to go to sleep. Be careful though! Your bird may absolutely hate some colors. My senegal HATED the color red. He always bit it whenever he saw it. I was wearing a red sweatshirt one day and he tried biting me multiple times. Whenever he saw red he would screech in terror almost. It is defiantly something to watch for.
Senegals can bite, and not just a little bite, if your bird bites hard enough he can make you bleed. But if your raising it the right way your bird should love you and never bite you. Know that there is a difference between biting that the bird intends to hurt with and playful bites. You should be able to tell the difference quite easily. Your bird will probably be afraid of people it does not know, so whenever someone new comes over be sure that they do not put there hand in the cage. Watch out for little kids wanting to put there finger in or tease the bird. I had an incident where my little cousin got bit bad from my Senegal.
Do not put your bird near any electronics. They tend to splash around in there water bowls. This can be good and bad. Bad because sometimes the water can fly pretty far, but it can be good since your Bird is bathing itself and cleaning itself rather than you doing it.
A Senegal Parrot is one of the greatest Parrots one can get. Just treat it with love and it will show love back. 

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