The Amazing Blue Pacific Parrotlets

The Blue Pacific Parrotlet is a small parrot that makes a great pet. They are small and quiet.

The most popular Parrotlet is the Pacific Parrotlet which is sometime called the Celestial Parrotlet.  They have a personality like a parrot.  They are very beautiful birds and babies that have been hand fed make wonderful pets when they are placed in a home right after weaning.  They quickly become loved members of the family.  Blue Parrotlets have a very sweet, calm personality as a pet and with other Parrotlets.

Blue Pacific Parrotlets are 4 ½ to 5 ½ inches long.  They have a lifespan of about 30 years and sometimes longer.  Their normal color is mostly green.

They are feisty birds that can become unruly if they do not have proper handling.  They will often do better as pets when they are kept by themselves as they can be aggressive toward other birds.  Tame hand fed Parrotlets who are properly cared for will make very sweet and affectionate companions. 

Pacific Blue Parrotlets have extremely high metabolisms and they must have food available at all times.  They are known for their huge appetites and they thrive on a varied diet consisting of fresh bird safe fruits and vegetables, small seeds like millet, high quality commercial pellets and nutritious protein like eggs.

Parrotlets need plenty of room to play and they need a lot of toys to play with.  They are inquisitive little birds that will get into your things if you do not provide them with toys of their own.  If you want a Parrotlet you need to be sure that you provide him with 1 to 2 hours a day of play in a safe area out of his cage.  They need to be able to come out of their cage to stretch their wings and exercise their leg muscles to maintain their physical and mental health.

Pacific Blue Parrotlets are charming and intelligent and have become very popular as pets.  They are a great choice for people who want a parrot and live in an apartment because of their small size and quiet nature.

Parrotlets are nick named “Pocket Parrots” because they are the smallest members of the parrot family.  They are just as intelligent as many of the large parrots and some will learn to talk very well but they are not known for their talking ability.  The Parrotlets closest relative in the parrot world is the Amazon parrot. 

Parrotlets may be small but they are not low maintenance.  They are messy like all parrots.  They are small parrots so they do not make as big a mess as the big parrots.  If you have the time a Blue Pacific Parrotlet is the bird for you.  They are loving and smart and make great pets.

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