The Yellow Headed Amazon Will Make a Great Pet

Yellow Headed Amazons are beautiful parrots. They make great pets but the can be loud. They can be great talkers.


The Yellow Headed Amazon has a green body with red markings on each wing and a beautiful yellow head hence the name.  Their beautiful coloring makes them very popular pets with many people.

Many Yellow Headed Amazons are bred in captivity available for sale as pets.  The Yellow Headed Amazon is also popular because of their ability to talk.    They are a close runner up to the African Gray for talking ability.  The African Gray is considered as the number one talking the parrot world.  All Amazons have the ability to talk but not all of them will talk.  His or her talking ability depends on each individual bird.  Birds are all different and some will talk and others will never talk.    The Yellow Headed Amazon in the loudest of all Amazons and they love to play.  They like to receive attention from their owner and families by being load.  Their loud squawking and screeching however can be trained out of them with human speech training.

They are active, funny, and intelligent parrots.  They can be very destructive and they must have a lot of chewable toys and branches to keep them happy.  Yellow Headed Amazons are happiest when their environment allows them to move around and fly.  An aviary is the best place for this parrot.  An indoor cage will work as long as the parrot receives plenty of exercise everyday.  Yellow Headed Amazons are easy to tame and train.

They are about 15 inches long when grown and the female is usually smaller.  Their beaks are very strong and they will use their beak for climbing, exploring, and holding objects.

Their nutrition is very important to their health and happiness.  They will need to be fed a variety of fresh produce both fruit and vegetables as well as seeds, berries, nuts, and pelleted food.

Yellow Headed Amazons if properly taken care of will live to be 60 to 80 years old.  These birds offer an amazing bond and relationship with their owner as well as many hours of pleasure, and entertainment.


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    If I got a parrot it probably would not talk with my luck in pets.

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