Umbrella Cockatoo &Ndash; The Best Cockatoo in The World

This is the best cockatoo that is also very expensive. Having white cotton plumage that cover its body.

Umbrella parrot is the most famous cockatoo pets. It is also called White cockatoo or Cacatua Alba or U2s or Umbies. It is friendly with other people especially the primary taker. IUCN lists the bird under vulnerable species.

The cause of the bird scarcity is the black trade. According to wild bird activities. The population of the bird is only 3000 to 4000 in nature. The demand of this bird is high enough. The price of the bird in Bacan is half million rupiahs or fifty bucks. The smuggled route is Halmahera – Makassar – Surabaya – Jakarta. The bird is also smuggled to Philippine directly. Halmahera is not too far from Philippine.The illegal logging also cause the this species in vulnerable. It cause the high tree become rare whereas the high tree is the bird nest.

The origin of the bird is Halmahera, Bacan, Ternate, Tidore, Kasiruta and Mandiole, in North Maluku Indonesia. They live at high forest. They make a cavy at died tree. The hen lays two eggs in a clutch. Both cock and hen care the baby cockatoo.

It is medium cockatoo size which hen is 400 g and the cock is 800 g. The cock has broader head and bigger beaks than the hen. The color is dominately white. The undercover wing and undercover tail near anus feather is yellow color. The iris is black color. The mature female iris is reddish color. The beak and the feet is dark gray.

The bird could talk to like other cockatoo. You can teach them some acrobat like skating, riding car, climbing the ladder, and else.

The crest is with color and V-shaped. To be honest, I prefer yellow crested cockatoo than The umbrella because the yellow crest is more beautiful than the white. The bird fan the crest when it see new person, toys or else.

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