A Children’s Book About Kitties

This is an example of a children’s book about kitties.

Did you know that lions and tigers are part of the cat family;

But, it is much safer to have a kitty.

Because kitties are very sweet and smart;

Most of them have very big hearts.

A kitty will love to be pet and cuddled;

Your kitty will love it if you blow bubbles.

So, give your kitty lots of kisses and hugs;

Play with it, and let it chase bugs.

For, a kitty can be your best friend;

Like a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

Let your kitty outside to let it play with butterflies;

Because kitties need their exercise.

But, don’t ever let your kitty drink coffee or tea;

Because it will make its heart speedy.

Give your kitty lots of water;

Because your kitties are very much your sons and daughters.

Be a good Mommy or Daddy to your kitty;

Kitties love to scratch and climb trees.

So, buy your kitty a scratching post tower;

That will make your kitty strong and have lots of power.

Please don’t de-claw your cat; for your cat is your child;

And it won’t be able to defend itself from the wild.

Love your kitty like a child of your own;

From when it is a kitten until it is full-grown.

Feed your kitties lots of healthy yummies;

For, they will feel very good in their tummies.

Keep your kitty’s litterbox clean;

Your kitty very much loves to preen.

Love your kitty forever and ever;

For, your kitty is very honest and very clever.

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  1. Eiddwen

    On May 19, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Brilliant and thanks for sharing this great little story which I am sure little ones will love.
    I’ll read it to my grandchildren later and I’ll see what they have to say.
    Take care and enjoy your day.

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