A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Cats, although know as lazy can become very active when they are in mood. Their digestive system works very differently than many other animals and thus they require high protein diet and I am writing about some of the benefits high protein diet brings with it for our cats.

Cats are strictly carnivores, having said that, cats metabolize high levels of protein more efficiently and require lower levels of carbohydrates. High levels of protein are necessary for:

. Strong Immune System

. Strong, firm muscles and energy

. Strong bones, joints and teeth

. Healthy digestion

. Healthy heart

. Bright, healthy eyes

. Soft, shiny coat

While high protein diet is required for cats it is also very important to remember that more protein doesn’t necessarity mean better health as other ingredients are also just as important as protein. Something else that we need to keep in mind that cats need animal protein and they don’t have the enzymes required to digest plant  proteins.

Protein in  dry food is not equall to the protein in canned food, because protein in dry food is usually plant based where as protein in canned food is animal based.  Canned food is also very good for keeping our cats hydrated.

Let’s work towards keeping our cats happy and healthy!

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  1. momofplenty

    On June 16, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Nice aritcle, I love cats!

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