A Highly Intelligent Animal Cats

Cats are a highly intelligent animal, but here are some of the reasons why you can know that cats are highly intelligent.

For many of us we know that a cat is a highly intelligent animal. What you might not realize is just how intelligent a cat is and how you can tell just how smart your cat is. I know that by owning two cats of my own that it is a very interesting time when I am trying to trick my cats because they are so intelligent. Here are some of the ways that I have managed to determine just how smart my own two cats are and a couple of toys that I have found to keep them in learning instead of getting bored.

One of the first way that I managed to find out just how smart my cat is when I didn’t wake up at my normal time one day. Now I know that even though my cat doesn’t get fed when I wake up she still acted like my alarm clock and sat on my side while I was trying to catch a few extra snoozes. However, unlike my alarm clock my cat didn’t have a snooze button and wouldn’t let me be until I was sitting up in bed.

The second way that I found out how smart my cat is was when she wouldn’t leave me alone and wouldn’t stop bugging my ears. Now you might not think that this would be something unusual except my cat never bugs my ears at all. I am convinced that my cat knew something was wrong though because I ended up having to go to the doctor later in the day for an ear infection. Each time that my cat ends up bugging my ears though it ends up that she is telling me that I have an ear infection.

Since cats are such an intelligent animal though if your like me you might have the same issue that I do and that is figuring out how to keep them entertained and not get bored. The first thing that I have found that does wonders at this are the laser light toys that you can find at many pet stores or on line stores. These toys are wonderful, but they can tire out your arms so I would recommend looking for the ones that use mirrors to reflect the light down onto the floor from a perched area and move in a random pattern so your cat cannot get used to the pattern.

The second thing that helps keep my cats mind active and their body energized is the fishing pole toy that I found at a local pet store. This toy you use just like your casting your own fishing pole and then you can reel it in around corners and such and if your lucky you might catch a cat! I know my cat loves the randomness that is available with this toy and the ability to drag the mouse on the end of the toy around as they want unless I am reeling them in.

Cats are a very intelligent animal and one that you might not think of as being that smart. However, they are a very smart animal and one that you will want to consider having as your pet. You will also want to make sure that you are able to keep their minds occupied to prevent them from getting bored with any of the toys that you have available for them to play with.

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