Benson’s Black Cat Blog (1)

Hello. My name is Benson. I am a black cat and I live in a nursing home. This is my blog.

I heard these days anybody who is anybody writes a blog.

Well, I’m pretty important on my patch so I thought it was high time I got in on the act.

My name is Benson. I am a black cat and I live in a nursing home - have done for several years now. I used to be a stray but I found life was a bit tough and thought it was time I got a place of my own and settled down. I like lots of space so I picked out a large building with plenty of beds to choose from. It’s always kept nice and warm in the building for me too which is ideal – especially in the winter time. I have a lovely large garden too, lots of grass, huge trees complete with squirrels and birds galore. Most of the people there are friendly although there are one or two I’m not especially keen on. All in all I figure I’ve done pretty well for myself.

Well today it rained ALL day – never stopped. I had to go out once or twice but I’ll tell you, I didn’t hang around. I was soaked! Luckily, I have a lovely spot in the dining room to dry off. I like to sit on the heater by the window. Ooh warm as toast and I can keep an eye on who is coming and going at the same time. After I’d dried off I went and curled up on one of the dining chairs, tucked under the table. No one knows I’m there cos I’m hidden by the table cloth. After a few hours resting I went on patrol around the building – I check for mice – that’s my job. I don’t usually find any so occasionally I have to catch one outside and sneak it in and pretend I caught it inside. No one has a clue. They are so gullible, you know.

Right, the night staff are in now so I should be getting my supper any minute. Not sure if I’m going to go out tonight yet – it depends on the weather. Tut, it’s still raining at the mo. I’M NOT GOING OUT IN THAT!

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