Benson’s Black Cat Blog (3)

Hello. My name is Benson. I am a black cat and I live in a nursing home. This is my blog.

Sheila the activities lady was here today. Sheila is a very large lady who wears colourful clothes and is always smiling and laughing a lot. Today she had a bright red top on with big orange flowers on it. Very nice! I like Sheila she always finds us lots of interesting and fun things to do.

Today she got eight of the lady residents and sat them around one of the dining room tables and gave them each a cup of tea and a biscuit. They like that.

Sheila gave me a saucer of cream. I love that!

Afterwards I jumped up onto the dining room window sill so that I could see what we were doing today.

Sheila got out some paints and some paper and then carefully made some stamps out of potatoes by cutting them with a sharp knife. The residents then took the stamps, dipped them in the paint and made lots of pretty patterns on the paper with them. They were having a great time! In fact, they were having such a great time I thought I would have a go too.

I hopped down out of the window and onto the car park, just outside. I dipped my paws into the muddy verge and leapt up onto the bonnet of Bert the handyman’s old banger. I then carefully walked around making patterns with my foot prints. It was great fun! I even walked up the windscreen and onto the roof and made a pretty pattern up there too. Bert’s car is white so it showed up a treat. If I say so myself, it was a real masterpiece. I called it “Cat on an old tin roof” – I didn’t sign it though, cos I didn’t want Bert to know it was me. He doesn’t like art very much. No culture!

Ginger Princess says I need to get a tag to sign my work with. Hmmm….. what do you think of “BENKSY”?

Liked it


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