Benson’s Black Cat Blog (4)

Hello, my name is Benson. I am a black cat and I live in a nursing home. This is my blog.

Oh Phew!!

Sorry I haven’t written for a couple of days but I have been shut in the store cupboard!!

Bert’s fault the imbecile! Sometimes I think he does it on purpose.

 It’s not all bad though – it happens quite a lot because the store room has an automatic lock on the door which can only be opened by typing in the correct numbers – so just in case, they do leave me a dish of water in there.

It’s a very large store room right at the end of the corridor and is the size of a double garage. There are no windows so it is very dark in there and it’s cluttered up with stacks of cardboard of various things. There is also a couple of old armchairs and a spare bed so I do have somewhere to sleep in there. I reckon there must be lots of mice in there so I do like to go in there regularly so that I can go on the prowl. Being black means I can hide myself very well. It’s great for catching things.

When Tracey the care leader came in this morning to fetch some boxes of gloves out, I hopped up onto the chair next to her to tell her how pleased I was to see her. Well the poor girl nearly had a heart attack! She leapt back in fright and fell onto a stack of boxes behind her, arms and legs flailing everywhere! It was quite comical really – well at least I thought so – Tracey wasn’t very pleased though. “BENNN SONNN!!!” she bellowed. Huh – like somehow it was my fault!

Everyone knows humans have terrible night vision – but they must be pretty deaf too – I mean you would have thought she’d have heard me coming at least.

It’s not fair I get the blame for everything round here!

Oh well, I guess there’s no point asking her to get my supper for the next few days!

Liked it


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