Binny and Ginny

Two mischievous kittens who are always getting into mischief on the farm where they live.

Billy and Bobby had only just got up from their nice warm beds in the little barn; they went out into the farmyard. Drip! Drop! Drip! Drop! Oh no, it was raining and the kittens hated the rain. “Let’s go up to the house, maybe Jack and Hannah is in a good mood they may let us in to their nice warm kitchen,” said Billy who was the bossier of the two. Bobby didn’t mind at all. He was quite happy to tag along after his brother.

So off they went as quick as they could through the awful rain and tried to dodge the puddles on their way. As they walked through the gate by the house Bobby with his nose in the air sniffed loudly. “Can you smell it Billy?” Bobby asked his brother. “Oh yes I can, and I know what that lovely smell is too, its pancakes!!!” The two brothers forgot all about the rain, they were too busy breathing in the lovely aroma of pancakes!!

They tip toed in through the farmhouse door and sure enough there was a huge pile of pancakes at the table and Hannah was at the aga making even more!! Jack was sat at the table peeling potatoes. They didn’t hear the two kittens creeping in as they had been so quiet! Billy and Bobby sat very still watching Hannah making the pancakes and tossing them up in the air. Bobby got so excited that he jumped up and knocked against a broom that was leaning against the kitchen wall .It went crashing to floor with an almighty clatter!!!

Jack and Hannah were both startled and Jack jumped up from the table and shooed both the kittens out!! “Get out you naughty pair; you know you’re not supposed to be in the house!!” He shooed them both out waving his arms in the air at them!! He then turned to Hannah and said “Those two never listen, talk about double trouble!!” “Anyway I’ve done the potatoes and I’m now going up to the ‘top field’ to repair that fence.”

“Ok then don’t be too long, lunch will be ready soon,” said Hannah and poured the last of the pancake batter into the pan.

Billy and Bobby were hiding under the bush outside the kitchen window, and saw Jack walking past them on his way up to the ‘top field’, but he didn’t see them. They were still in a very bad mood after being chased out of the house. All of a sudden Billy jumped up, “I’ve got a brilliant idea!” he said.

“Oh tell me quick!” Bobby couldn’t wait to hear Billy’s idea, they were always good.

“Because they’ve been so mean to us why don’t we steal the pancakes,” “We’ll take them to the barn and invite all our friends round to share our feast!” said Billy and looked very excited at the thought of this adventure!

Bobby was not quite as certain about it. “How are we going to get them down there?” “They’re sure to catch us!” he replied doubtfully.

However Billy would have none of it,” Come on scardy cat, Jack’s gone up to the ‘top field’ and Hannah is bound to go out of the kitchen in a bit.”

“Ok then let’s do it,” said Bobby feeling a bit braver. He very rarely argued with his brother and he was not about to do so now. They could hear Hannah humming to herself and then they heard the kitchen door opening and closing and Hannah’s footsteps going up the stairs. A quick peep told them that she’d gone upstairs.

“Come on then there’s not a moment to waste!” Billy was in the kitchen and Bobby was fast on his heels. The pancakes were piled high on a plate in the middle of the kitchen table!! Billy and Bobby’s eyes were as big as saucers as they looked at the huge plateful!!

.”Come on quick!” said Billy “We must take them down to the barn before Jack or Hannah catch us!!”

With a big struggle they managed to get the big plateful out of the kitchen and down towards the barn! What a sight they were, two kittens on their hind legs very carefully and very slowly carrying a huge pile of pancakes down to the bottom of the farmyard!! It was still raining
which didn’t help matters, however at last they managed to get them into the barn!!

They both gave a big sigh of relief; thank goodness they hadn’t been caught!!

“Right there’s no time to waste, let’s go round and invite all our friends to the party!” Billy said as usual the ringleader with Bobby quite happy to follow!

First of all they went over to the cowshed and knocked on the door,

“Gertie opened the door quickly with a moo, “Who is it?”

“It’s only us, Billy and Bobby.” they replied.

“What do you two want?” she mooed as she opened the door. They tell her the story, and with a big smile on her face she said.

“Oh you two are very clever kittens and serve Jack and Hannah right for being so nasty to you!”

“Gertie opened the door quickly with a moo, “Who is it?”

“It’s only us, Billy and Bobby.” they replied.

“What do you two want?” she mooed as she opened the door. They tell her the story, and with a big smile on her face she said “Oh you two are very clever kittens and serve Jack and Hannah right for being so nasty to you!”

Next they went over to the pigsty and they knocked loudly on the door. “Ok ok I’m on my way,” snorted a grumpy sounding Shorty from behind the door. “What do you want?” he asked looking so cross to be disturbed. The kittens told him the story and invited him to the party. He very quickly cheered up. “Come on then, off we go, I love pancakes!”

Next they made their way over to the kennel inside which they could hear Ben snoring. “Who on earth is that?!” he growled as they knocked on the kennel door. “What are you lot looking so happy about?” he asked the four friends.

Once again the kittens told the story and invited Ben to the party and it didn’t take Ben long to cheer up! With a happy bark he was soon smiling and out of the kennel. “Oh I love pancakes!!” he barked happily.

They only had one more friend to ask, and that was Captain the horse who was in his stable.

Captain was looking over the bottom half of his stable doors and neighed “I’m surprised to see you lot out in the rain,” he said. So once again Billy and Bobby told the story and invited him to the party. “Oh what a treat!” he said licking his lips. “I thought I could smell pancakes earlier on and I’ve never tasted them before!” “Come on I can’t wait!”

They all rushed down to the big barn and couldn’t believe what they were seeing! What a huge pile of pancakes! Looking at the joy on everyone’s faces Billy felt quite proud of himself; this was the best idea he’d had in a long time. Bobby was also very proud of his brother, Billy really was very clever!!

“Now then everyone sits down and I’ll share the pancakes out,” Billy sounded and felt very important!! There was nothing he liked better than to be the boss!! He went round everyone and made sure that the pancakes were shared out equally.

“Now then everyone tuck in!!” he said and sounded so important.

Everyone’s mouths were watering as they opened them to take the first bite of the delicious looking pancakes, when…..







What on earth was that noise???!!!

All the friends look at each other in horror!! They had never, ever heard a ghost before, and they were so frightened that they could not move or say anything for a few minutes!!

Billy was the first to find his voice; “Wwwe’re eeever so ssooorry, wwe won’t tttouch the pppancakes!!!”

They all ran out of the barn as fast as their legs could carry them, back to the safety of their homes.


They all lay on their beds and did not dare move. Never before had they been so scared and they never wanted to hear that voice again!! . All the friends hid away for the rest of the day, too frightened to go out in case that awful ghost came back!!

If they hadn’t been so frightened they would have seen Jack and Hannah laughing as they carried the pancakes back up to the house.

“Oh Jack you really were a brilliant ghost!” Hannah could hardly get the words out she was laughing so much!!

Later on that evening Jack popped his head round the door of the barn and asked the kittens “I haven’t seen much of you two today, aren’t you feeling very well?”

“Oh no we aren’t ill thank you Jack,” replied the brothers, “It’s just been too wet to to go out.” They didn’t notice the twinkle in Jack’s eyes nor the grin on his face.

“Anyway here’s a nice creamy bowl of milk for you both, before you go to sleep!!”

“I am glad to hear you’re not ill, let’s hope it will be a nicer day tomorrow.” said Jack as he closed the door behind him and chuckled to himself all the way back to the house.

“I’ll never steal anything ever again!” said Billy. “Nor me!” said Bobby. They both finally went to sleep.

Goodnight Billy and goodnight Bobby.

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