Cat Art

Big, small, and even humanoid.

I was looking through some of my artwork and I thought that I could make an article featuring some of it here. This features some of the cats I have made. Here they are:

The cat in the moon I drew on my bedroom wall by my window. First I made a sketch in my sketchbook before painting on the wall with a paintbrush right away. I drew several versions of this before finaly selecting it. the bad thing about paint is that there is no erasing it, and thankfully this time I diddn’t make any big mistakes, but when I do I just work around them to blend it in with an attitude of oh yea, I ment to do that. 


Here is a big kitty…also known as a tiger. I drew this form a reference picture in a National Geographic magazine. It was origionaly just a sketch but I couldn’t resist coloring it in with markers. I drew this in about an hour around midnight, it was just one of those nights where I couldn’t get to sleep, so, I decided to draw this.

And an angel cat…which I think is completely adorable. No shadin or anything, just a cut little cat with wings and a halo. It sort of reminds me of gatomon from Digimon, because of the ears and those big bubbly eyes.

And, well, not even a cat…I enjoy giving people animal charictaristics. I thought it gave him more charecter and his left hand sort of looked like a cats since it’s all curled up. That’s what promptesd me to add the ear’s and the tail.

I hope you enjoyed, feel free to comment, and thanks for stopping by :)

Liked it


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