Cat as a Spirit Guide

Spirit guide refers to the Western tradition of Spiritualist churches, mediums and psychics describing an entity that remains disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to human beings. Cats as one of them are considered as spirit guide even in the ancient time.

Animals are considered as spirit guides from the tribes of Asia to Africa, from different traditions and beliefs like shamanism, paganism and Wicca. Animal portrayal is very important in relationship to one’s life. Spirit guide is defined as a representation of different aspects to one’s life. They help through each trial that is being experienced.  These trials teach them as well. A spirit guide is someone or something from the past and owes a sort of karmic debt. These spirits are sent to help in times of need. They can be with humans their whole lives or maybe not. They maybe one, two or many, it depends on the lessons you need to learn and even the trials you face in life. Spirit animals will present life’s lessons. They are the ones who come in order. They will show you their own unique ways on how to deal with the spiritual journey. They are not necessarily guides but teaches you what you need to learn and able to understand the spiritual walk. These spirit animals have certain medicinal powers to teach certain knowledge to share.

Each animal has its own methods as to how they help these confused and problematic people. They overcome challenges in order to survive life. “You cannot choose your own spirit animal. It chooses you.” One of the spirit guides that traces the ancient world are the cats. Statue of cats were considered as guards at the temple gates in ancient Egypt at their temples. Throughout history cats were considered as protectors of the pathways to the sacred mysteries. “Bastet,” an Egyptian goddess changes into cat. The Norse goddess “Freyja,” rides a chariot which was pulled by two cats. As spiritual guides, it is important that each of the color of the cat must be noted. These colors and characteristics of the cat shall be mirrored in man’s life. It will also help you understand when the cat reveals each mystery. Cats who stays at home often serves a healer and will sit near anyone on any of the family member or anyone who stays in the house and also who needs healing and faster recovery period.

The cat’s purring eases discomfort such as pain and it also boosts immunity systems. There are different kinds of cat, that is why they also have different purposes as to how they are considered as spirit guides. Here are some of them: The black cats are owned by the traditional witches. They could shape shift into a cat nine times. They are used in ritual magick. These cats have intuitive dreams. The calico cats are ladies choice depending on the patterns of the color. They are guide to the world of feminine mysteries. Maine coon cats are considered to be naturals. They are slow developer in terms of behavior and they always like to tag along. The mama cats are intelligent and playful. They exhibit bizarre behavior yet they are late bloomer. The Siamese cats are talker, affectionate but have one negative trait, they are demanding. The white cats are considered as a good luck back in the days and the feral cats has wild nature in your personality. 

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