Cat Breeds : The Ocicat

The ocicat is a beautiful and wild-looking cat. However, the breed contains no wild cat at all.

The ocicat is a friendly, intelligent, and people-oriented cat. It is said to be dog-like in personality and becomes very attached to its humans.

The first ocicat was named Tonga; she was born in Michigan in 1964 when a breeder was trying to breed Siamese and Abyssinian cats. In later years, breeders added the American shorthair cat to the mix.

The ocicat is an extremely outgoing cat and it demands a lot of attention.  It is very friendly with strangers and gets on well with children, other cats, and dogs. The ocicat is extremely curious and will strive to open any closed door or cupboard he or she comes across.

The ocicat has a regal appearance, very much like those cats seen in hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt. It has a spotted body and a striped tail; although some do not have any spots at all. The ocicat is solidly built and muscular. The average ocicat weighs between six and fourteen pounds. It is a very healthy cat breed with no specific health issues.

The ocicat got its name because it was thought to resemble the wild ocelot.

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