Cat Tip…curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cats, It Made Them Come Inside on Demand!

One way of getting your cats to come in when they don’t want too!

Had to post this…. So yesterday I mentioned that I moved way out in the country.  Well, my two cats are not aware that if they stay out at night they probably will be coyote food before the morning and I have been having a hell of a time rounding em up at sunset. Truthfully, it’s been a three ring circus getting them both inside the trailer by dark. So yesterday, my boyfriend says “why don’t you see if you can find a video of cats meowing and play it loud, maybe they’ll come in”. 
So I did.. I found one on you tube, downloaded it and played it and within 5 minutes the curious cats just had to come in to see where the “meows” were coming from. I swear it worked like a charm~@


Liked it


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