Cats Amazing Sleep Behaviors

A list of amazing facts about cat’s sleep behaviors.

A list of interesting and amazing facts about cat’s sleep behaviors.

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It is a general fact that cats sleep a lot. On average, a cat spends about 13-18 hours a day sleeping! These felines do this to conserve energy. There are several factors that contributes to this cat behavior including age, personality, environment and diet. Most cats, specially domestic cats, do their sleeping act at night. Why? Because they are “crepuscular,” animals, meaning these felines are most active at dawn and dusk. They sleep much to gather energy for a successful hunt.

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Like humans, cats also experience both Non-REM (NREM) or deep sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, when dreams happen. During NREM sleep, a cat’s body grows and do body regeneration. While the cat’s eyes move behind the eyelids, whiskers move around and limb’s jerk during REM sleep.

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During these sleep behavior cats are always on the alert. Just a strange noise will wake a sleeping cat in a matter of seconds, even when it is dozing. Cats left alone at home tends to sleep all day long out of boredom. Cats do short nap leaving their eyes half closed. Depriving them of short naps will make them irritable and confused.

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A cat which sleep less than the normal sleeping hours may be ill. It may be suffering from a thyroid problem wherein the body produces too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroid). This hormonal abnormality leads to higher metabolism rate, and the cat sleep less.  Another amazing facts.

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Kittens, specially the newborn ones spend most of their time sleeping. This keep them quiet and safe from predators harm. As they grow older, their sleep patterns gradually change adapting adults sleep patterns. Instead of having long sleep, juveniles tend to sleep less and in naps.

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Do you ever wonder why do cats sleep in their litter boxes? One possible answer is – security. House cats in particular, consider litter boxes a safe place where they have full control over them.

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But cat sleep…anywhere, be it a chair, a table, window ledge – just anywhere. Just like humans, they love sleeping where the temperature is just right. Cats have thick overcoat that’s why they love to sleep in hard flat surfaces. These type of surfaces allow air current to flow smoothly down their bodies, in the process cooling them. Credit cats intelligence for this amaizing fact.

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Lastly, you can help your cat sleep well by making or buy them a comfortable bed. If you think you have a great attachment with your cat, why not share your bed with your cat.

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Oh well, cats and dogs can sleep side-by-side as well.

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    On August 19, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    I actually had a tabby boy who slept on my clothes rack like your picture. He climbed ladders like a fireman too. His life was a long 20 years full of love and adoration. He died in my arms. Thank you for this delightful article and well done by you.

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