Cats Need Attention

How cats get attention from their owners.

How do cats get attention from their owner?   We have three cats-each with their own oddity to get love and attention from their owners.    Some of those traits are normaland some are very strange.    I have been around cats all my life and believe me when I say some of the traits cats have are strange.

We were giving a male striped cat whose owner decide to move out for greener pastures and left his two cats behind.  One is really lovable and does strange things to get our attention.   

I was snuggled deep in my covers on a Saturday morning and sleeping in late is one of the things I allow myself on that day.    Monday through Friday I have to set my alarm to get up early for work and on Sunday I have to set my alarm early to go to church.

On this Saturday morning was the first day the late owner was gone.   Feeling Lucky jump on the bed I thought he was going to curl up and go to sleep.  Wrong!

I could feel him creeping up slowly toward my face and then he stopped within inches of my face.  Thinking he had curled up close to me-I shifted slightly to make more room for him.   When all of a sudden I felt his fur brush past my chin and a slight bite on my nose.

Thinking I had imagined the whole thing I choose to ignore it.   I should have at least open my eyes or said his name cause the next bite was a bit harder to get my attention.    This time I did both-open my eyes and said his name in a stern voice.   He sat there looking at me like here I am ready for your loving attention.

I have grown to love this cat with all my heart and honestly wouldn’t trade him for anything.   I know he got his name cause of his nose biting and he was lucky someone didn’t bite him back cause of it.

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