Cats: Purrrfect Friends!

A story of how awesome and amazing cats can truly be.

Cats have long been considered special animals and they really are. Any cat owner will tell you the great advantages of having cats over any other pet. However, there are also many people who do not like cats because of taboos, fear or bad reputation. I, myself, am an example. My mother did not like cats and never had one at home. When I was raising my  children, I let them have dogs but not cats. My aunt Nilda gave my kids a small white toy poodle as a Christmas present, a little puppy we named Pipo.  He was really good and belonged to my oldest son Edward. Then my son Luis wanted a beagle and we didn’t hesitate and got him a small one named Brownie. He was also part of the family. But one day, in the twilight of the evening, under a rain storm, we heard a kitten meowing. Hilda, Edward, and René went outside the house to see where the meow was coming from. Suddenly, they spotted the little kitten out there, at the bottom of the stairs. The kitten was around two months old, and it was soaking wet and cold. René picked it up and took him to the house where Hilda would dry him or her (at this point we didn’t know whether it was a female or male) and gave it some milk. All my kids were begging me to keep the little kitten. I objected strenuously because not only did I know nothing about cats but was biased. I was afraid that it would do something bad to me or to my children. But all these fears were dispelled as the days passed by. The kitten stayed at home, we learned it was a boy and called him Moñito, bought him food, and learned to love him. The dogs began to get along with the kitten and used to play all the time. Two years later, we got another cat, this time it was a female and we named her Tatis. She was a two-month old beautiful calico to whom we felt in love within the minute she entered our home. Now that we had some sort of experience dealing with cats, we knew how to treat her and most importantly, understand her. However, within her first year of age, she went outside as she normally did, but this time something different happened: she fell in love and got pregnat.Three months later, we welcomed seven beautiful kittens. We placed them all in good homes and kept only our original male and female cats.

Very soon we realized that everything bad that is said about cats is just part of the popular mis-information passed from mouth to mouth. This bad reputation with cats could come from the very bad way they are portrayed on the movies or in cartoons. A cat is always presented as the bad, vengeful guy, particularly in the celebration of Halloween.

I love cats! They spend much of their day grooming to keep their coats clean and free from parasites and dirt. Distrustful? Yes. It’s a protective instinct of cats to be distrustful but they could also become very loyal. A popular saying says:”The owner does not choose the cat, it’s the cat that chooses the owner”, and it is right. Cats are usually very sensitive and this leads people to feel and/or recognize who is of the same character, who is trustworthy, who is not, and that helps them survive in their natural habitat. Needless to say that the male cat, Moñito, picked Hilda as his master. He is very jealous with her and is always demanding constant attention giving her no choice but to snuggle with him on cold nights. He loves her and shows his love in various ways. For instance, he waits outside the bathroom door while she is taking a shower, he is always following her around the house, and loves to sleep beside her. On the other hand, Tatis picked René (my youngest son) as his master. Cats are not only trainable but also communicate well, purring to express their desire for and enjoyment of attention, meowing near the food bowl to get fed, some remember at what time they get fed and attempt to gain their owner’s attention at the exact time every day, such as Tatis used to do. I like when cats purrs noisily, and rubs themselves against the legs of the family.

We moved from Connecticut and my daughter kept them and now live with her in Puerto Rico. I live in Orlando, Florida and believe me, I miss these cats a whole lot more than what I would’ve thought. I love them and they love me. I only hope to see my Moño and my Tatis soon (Pictures of them at the bottom of this page). I’m curious to know their reaction when they see us again. I wonder if they will remember us just like we remember them!

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  1. rey1108

    On February 27, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    awesome, i love cats, they keep great company and they are really funny!!…great share!

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