Coatimundis Make Awesome Pets

Coatimundis are awesome little animals that have gotten very popular as pets. They do not have any body odor and they do not have scent glands. They are very active, funny and playful. They are an ideal exotic pet.

Coatimundis have become very popular for people who want an exotic pet. They are not nocturnal, and they do not have any body odor as they do not have scent glands. They will not run away, and they have a good personality. Coatimundis are very entertaining, and they make you fall in love with them. They are not hard to care for.

Coatimundis require a lot of attention, and they like to play rough. They like to play with cat toys, and they, especially like toys that make noise. You may want to have a large cage to keep your Coatimundi in on occasion. You should put childproof locks on all your cabinets as they love to open doors. The more time you spend with your Coatimundi the better pet he will be. You can put a harness and leash on them and take them for walks.

A bored Coatimundi will develop bad habits like biting and tearing up things. Coatimundis are very protective of their possessions such as food and toys. If they bite when you do, something do not do it again. If you want to take something away from them just give them something else.

Coatimundis should be spayed or neutered, and it is a good idea to declaw them. Coatimundis have very long claws, and they love to dig. They can be very hard on your carpet, furniture and your body. They have very strong arms and can still climb quite well and ride on your shoulder without their claws. This choice is yours. Their K-9’s should also be removed. A neutered male Coatamundi is very affectionate.

Coatimundis get along with other pets but do not trust them around hamster, Guinea pigs, birds and rabbits.

Coatimundis are usually easy to housebreak. They do sometimes have accidents. Use a cat litter box with a sheet of paper in it but do not use cat litter.

Coatimundis love perfume but do not spray them with cheap perfume as they like the expensive stuff. Put Carpet Fresh on the floor and they will rub their tails in it.

If you get a Coatimundi for a pet, you will really enjoy him as they make great pets and are a lot of fun to have around and there will never be a dull moment. They are not that hard to care for and really do not demand a lot from their owner.

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    I cannot even imagine what these look like as I have never heard of this pet.

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