Creepy Cat Copter

Man makes helicopter out of his dead cat.

Bart Jansen is an unusual man. When most people lose a pet they grieve with a picture or a memory. Instead Bart took his dead cat Orville, had him stuffed, then turned him into a quadricopter. If you don’t know what a quadricoptor is, don’t be surprised because they’re not very popular.

A quadricopter is a helicopter with four rotating blades at the four cardinal points on the compass (North, South, East, and West). In the case of the Orville-copter, Bart just added rotors to each of Orville’s paws. A lot of people find the Orville- Copter disrespectful and offensive, while others think its an ingenious way to retain a bond with a lost pet. Regardless of what you think of Bart Jansen, his cat Orville has become a part of mainstream culture and no one will ever forget the quadricopter cat. Check out the video of Orville in action below.

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