Cunning Cats

Cunning Cats.

How can cats carry the heat, they will not perspire as people, and do not evaporate the water from the language of the dogs … It turns out that cats are skillfully used by some law of physics.

It is known that heat transfer between mobile and immobile bodies is only possible if one body is colder and more – much warmer. And the bigger the difference in the degree of heating or

cooling bodies, the better heat transfer process. Here’s a cat in case the heat is sent somewhere in the shade, lie down sideways on the ground, trying to occupy a large area as possible. As the earth under the cat heats up from solar heat and hot air is less than the cat and the surrounding objects, very soon there is a temperature difference, and the cat begins to get rid of excess heat. That is why, incidentally, can get cold on the beach in the hottest weather, if a long time motionless, lying on the sand.

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