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Seeing the antics of cats make people laugh, but what I like best in funny cat pics is creative art that respects cats for the smart, daring adventurers they are. Here is an intro to Simon Tofield, James Dean and Deborah Julian, the artists who make my favorite funny cat pics.

I just don’t find pics that get laughs from making cats look foolish funny. They’re like ethnic jokes that focus on mishaps and struggles and interpret them in degrading ways. Cats, on average, are braver and more intrigued by life than almost anyone you will meet. As a result, especially when they’re young, they get into all sorts of ungainly messes. 

The only reason you never see anything quite so fantastic in people is because most of us never take the big leap and haven’t followed our curiosity in so long we hardly know what it is. 

Not long ago, I wrote an overview of funny cat pics with some fun examples. Here’s how my favorites depict cats in ways that keep the laughs intact while showing equal amounts of love and respect.

Simon Tofield, who created an hilarious series of Simon’s Cat videos, adopted his first cat when he was nine years old. Adult now, Tofield has four cats and a keen sense of observing and understanding what they’re up to. His videos more often make himself look like the fool and his cat the wise and clever master.

In one video, we see Tofield napping. His cats goes through a series of maneuvers, from hitting him with objects to ripping up the sofa, to make him get up. Finally, tricked into thinking his cat needs food, Simon goes to the kitchen. When he returns, his cats is curled up for a nap in the spot he’s tricked Simon out of.

Familiar with cat tactics for getting something they want, Tofield exaggerates the behavior with humor. A cat is never humiliated when Tofield is involved. 

Deborah Julian, a fine art photographer, finds a basis of humor in the way cats integrate into domestic lives, often those of artists like herself. She has an amusing to laugh out loud funny series called Famous Artists Cats that answers the question, “What if famous artists had my cats?”

She asked the question after a tiring afternoon of cutting mats and assembling frames for an art show. It seems she spent as much time keep her cats out and off of the work than she did on the task at hand. An art history major, she imagined the her cats inhabiting Van Gogh’s Bedroom, trying to navigate one of Matisse’s goldfish bowls and sharing a grooming session with Bonnard’s Bathers

Her cats are assertive and the predicaments and unexpected situations their determination leads to are enhanced by introducing them in classically beautiful works of art. No cat has to miss a jump and fall to the floor to get a cheap laugh here.

Speaking of cats jumping, I have a print by James Dean (the artist, not the actor) that I bought on a trip to New Orleans. It has three scenes in the frame. In the first, a steaming cup of coffee sits on a table. The second is just a 

Cover of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Crash! And, in the third, Pete The Cat relaxes happily where the coffee once was.

After a while, you may see that something cats find amazing about people is our ability to make changes in our environment, not just adapt to it. Here, Pete replicates human behavior by liberating some space.

With Dean’s cat, we see assertiveness as well. Pete has a good time driving a Volkswagen Love Bus, joining a bird on a tree branch and perching on Tom Petty’s guitar.

Cats can make you laugh, as can goats, elephants, birds and fish. In funny cat pics, we see that they can do so without making themselves any less amazing as cats. 

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