Free Games for Feline Friends

Cats and kittens are like young children, satisfied with some of the simplest objects. Find out how to amuse your furry friends and spark their interest without breaking your bank account!

Cats and kittens are notorious for having mischievous tendencies and often are lurking trouble magnets.  One solution is to make an adventurous trip to the pet store, buy every toy imaginable on the market, and present them to your cat.  Problem solved, right?  Most often, the answer to that question is negative. What usually happens is the pet store is rich, you have a hole in your bank account, all the toys you purchased are being ignored, your kitten is hanging off the curtains, and you are ready for a spa day.

Cats are attracted to moving targets, whether it be a fly, a dust mote, or your toes passing by their ambush site. Everyday household items can be your cats greatest favorite game and you can have fun too.  A paper bag can be put on the floor to give your kitten hours of hide in the hole fun.  Than there are cardboard boxes  which have the back two sides taped and a front door flap. Remember the forts we used to make as children out of old refrigerator or appliance boxes? We spent hours of our time in there. Cats and kittens love those too and will reward you with some of the funniest moments. Tying an old sock into a knot makes a great wiggly toy and quite a few cats and kittens like to play hide and seek. Some will even grasp the concept so well, they will take turns with you. Do you have an old clean towel? You can lay the towel out and slip your hand underneath it and wriggle your fingers. Cats and kittens alike will be utterly enthralled.
Playing tag is another phenomenal game to play. Because cats have a strong prey drive and instinctively will chase down their food, this is an easy game to play with your cat or kitten.

A more intellectual game is playing a cup game and hiding a favorite toy or stuffed mouse under one of the cups and letting yourcat pick which one it is under. They catch on quick and it will get harder to stump them!

There are a lot of fun inventive games you can come up with to play with cats or kittens that are free and will help them out of mischief. They will enjoy the time and attention you give them and may even teach you a new thing or two about an old childhood game. Please always remember safety first and don’t use things like yarn, small items they could choke on, or plastic bags.



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