Helpful Advice for Cats with The Sniffles

Today we talk with two cats who have the sniffles and find out more about their problems and offer helpful medical advice.


Hello I am a four year old cat, it seems that every now and then I get the sniffles. Nothing too bad, but it is annoying. What is the matter?

Signed All Stuffed up and No Place to Go

Dear Stuffed

You may be suffering from seasonal allergies, these are common in people, and can happen in cats too. Cats can suffer from these allergies at any time of the year. Snow mold is a problem in the spring, and later plant pollens can be an allergy irritant. Even ragweed, which is so commonly associated with people’s allergies, can be a problem for cats. Typically seasonal allergies only last about two weeks. You can also be allergic to everyday things, such as dust in the home, or chemicals used around the house.

It might be best for you to stay inside when you find you have seasonal problems, or have your owner talk to your veterinarian about getting you some medication to relieve your symptoms. If you do have allergies to such things your owner can buy special wipes to clean your fur as this will remove the pollens from your fur. If the medication does not help your symptoms you might have a reoccurring upper respiratory tract infection. It would be best if you stay inside if this is the case too, because you do not want to spread it to other cats.


Help I am a young kitten. My friend is typing this because my eyes are so crusted over they are glued shut. I am sneezing all the time, my nose is plugged, and I feel terrible, what can I do?

Signed Snuffles

Dear Snuffles

This definitely sounds like a case of URTI, which stands for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. URTI can be caused by either bacteria, or a virus. If it is bacterial a veterinarian can give you some medication to help clear it up.

Your owner can wipe the mucous from your eyes very gently with a warm, wet, cloth. They need to keep you indoors, in a warm room, possibly even with a humidifier. You should be kept rested, and given plenty to eat and drink. They should give you a small amount of canned kitten food (chicken mush) and mix it with water, sort of like a chicken soup. This should be done at least 4 times a day, with unlimited dry kitten food.  They should not use plastic bowls as these can not be washed properly.  Stainless steel, glass, or ceramic, bowls are best.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, especially in kittens, should not be ignored. They can get worse (I don’t want to alarm you but they can develop into pneumonia), and can spread to other cats very quickly. With a little rest yours should pass much like a cold in people, but if you get worse, start panting like a dog, have blood in the mucous, or are lethargic and stop eating, you really do need veterinarian attention.

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