Homemade Flea Dip for Cats

Homemade Flea Dip for Cats.

Flea dip for cats sounds like a culinary delicacy – which it isn’t. Flea dip for cats is a combination of common household ingredients that you mix together and bathe your cat with. It does not have anything to do with food. Rather, it helps rid your beloved cat of fleas and other pesky insects.

Fleas have been known to kill cats by draining them of their blood and at the same time infecting them with bacteria and any disease they may carry. Cats have been known to be helpless against the flea onslaught and cats have gone down vomiting blood or dying of malnutrition caused by the bugs

While there are many flea killers out in the market, some cats and yes some people are easy affected by them. In this case if you are one who is sensitive or is easily affected or even allergic to the chemical, what do you do? The answer is homemade flea dip for cats

There have been a lot of recipes for flea dip for cats but let’s stick with the ones that are the easiest and safest to make. The beauty of these homemade flea dip for cats is that you can find the ingredients right at home. No need for a trip to the department store.

The first type of flea dip for cats uses a mix of lemon. Yes, lemon contains ingredients that are lethal to fleas due to their acidic content. While it may give you a sour taste, its 100 percent safe for everyone, unless you don’t like the smell of lemon.

Cut the lemon in half and place the lemon in a pot with water. Boil the lemon for about 45 minutes. After which you can turn off the fire and allow the lemon to sit overnight. While the lemon sits overnight, the citrus oil seeps out and mixes with the water. The next day, take out the lemon and pour the water directly over the cat. You can also do a bath variation. Just make sure there is enough water to “dip” your cat. Once you have bathed or “dipped” your cat, DO NOT rinses the cat. Let the water stay on as long as possible. The water with the lemon juice will destroy the fleas in the fur and leave your cat smelling fresh! You can also use the water and put it into a spray gun and use it on your pet on regular intervals.

Apple cider also makes a good flea dip for cats. The harsh acidity will kill the fleas but not harm your cat. Simply mix a few drops or half a cap of apple cider vinegar with warm water and pour it over your cat or use a sprayer. This method does not need you to set the water overnight and can be used right away. If you want a stronger sting to the mix, simply add more apple cider vinegar.

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