How I Cured My Cat of Liver Infection

Sometimes cats get infections that are hard to eradicate, in spite of repeated courses of antibiotics. This is the story of a cat named Baby who had an infection of her liver according to the vet. She overcame this infection through the use of bee pollen in her food.

I do not profess to understand how everything works. I do know that I am one of those who doesn’t give up on animals that are sick, if I think there are ways to get well. I am a fan of natural health, and while I do not think that herbs and other supplements are the answer to everything, I know from experience that there are many natural products that are very effective in curing and treating various illnesses. Bee pollen is one of those substances. 

Bee pollen has been used for centuries for a variety of uses, many of which we may not even know. What we do know, however, is that bee pollen has an anti-bacterial action in the body. Like other bee products, such as royal jelly, propolis and honey, pollen has qualities that will kill invasive bacteria effectively, and bees are masters at this. They use propolis to line their hives to prevent bacteria from invasion, and royal jelly and pollen are used for food. 

Baby’s symptoms were strange. She limped. She would stand with one paw off the ground, and I thought she had something in her foot. Examination by the vet and the author revealed nothing, and it remained a mystery for months, as Baby lost weight and appetite. Finally, the vet did blood work, and it revealed a liver infection. Why it manifested by her limping is a mystery. But there it was.

After the antibiotics she seemed to get back to her old self. Then, one day about four months later, she started limping again. I was heartbroken. Rather than take her back to the vet, I started her on bee pollen, as I thought it might cleanse the infection from her liver. 

Bee products don’t just kill bacteria, they also heal wounds and provide a barrier to infection on the skin. Because of the anti-bacterial action, when taken internally, it will effectively kill infection. Because of this knowledge, I gave it to my cat, mixed into her wet food. Every meal, I added either one crushed tablet or the contents of one capsule to her wet food. I saw improvement within a couple of days. Over about two weeks, she stopped limping, and returned to her old self again. Her appetite improved, and there has not been a recurrence since. That was about a year and a half ago. 

One can say it was a coincidence. But I have used bee pollen for sinus, tooth and ear infections on myself, with great success. In fact, I am currently using it for an ear infection right now, one that has affected my balance. It has worked great, but I have to continue with the five capsules three times a day for at least two weeks to be sure. 

Bee pollen has many uses for pet problems. There is so much information about pollen on-line and testimonials about how it heals and re-energizes pets and people. It is true. Some high-end cat foods have bee pollen as an ingredient.

If you decide to use bee pollen to treat a cat/pet problem, purchase it from a health food store if possible, or order it on-line. Buy the straight pollen, as some are formulations combined with ginseng and other ingredients that may not be good for pets. There are many articles about this product, and the more you learn, the better off your pets and your family will be. It truly is an amazing product. 

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  1. Judy Sheldon

    On February 16, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    Milk thistle is great too. I wrote about it after it cured a friend of mine from hepatitis. I love alternative meds.

    So glad your cat is doing better. They are so sweet.

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