How to Care for Persian Cats

Persian cats have charming fur and its ideally used as pets in the house. Persian cats required special handling. You should pay attention to what your pet needs.

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You are one of the owners of Persian cats? Persian cats have fur that was beautiful and charming and is ideally used as pets in the house. But in practice, these types of pets require special care to make a healthy coat and beautiful eyes. But, it does not look dull or dirty.

Here I want to share tips for you. Persian cat care was not expensive. Only a few intensive care. But it needs to be remembered intensive care does not mean it is difficult or expensive. You can do it. Here are tips that can be used as a basic guide to caring for your Persian cat’s.

Tie your cat’s fur after you have brushed and tidy. If you need to comb it every day. Given the Persian cat has a limited ability to care for their own fur. So you have to help her ornate.

  • Use a metal comb to prevent a tangle when cleaned. Make sure the shiny fur again after combing.
  • Use a soft tissue when you have to clean up cat hair. Use baby wipes are soft and fragrant.
  • Tissues baby made my hair smell nice cat, also will not cause allergies because the formula is gentle baby wipes.
  •   If a Persian cat hair already matted, the best thing to do is to ask the help of animal salon.
  •   Keep in mind, when matted fur can be painful and make them interested in the skin or even injured.
  • Many of the Persian cat has a problem with their tear ducts.
  • If this happens, be sure to buy the appropriate eye wipes to clean the eyes and nose area of ​​your Persian cat. The nose is rarely cleaned so that the cat could be clogged breathing difficulties.
  •  Food must contain all the nutrients needed for your cat always in excellent condition, full of energy, and the hair that grows beautiful and shiny.
  •  Feed the Persian cat food that is devoted to or suitable for this type of cat.
  • Make sure you have enough time every day to play with your Persian cat.
  •   Provide a variety of toys he likes. Cat of this type are generally kept in the house.
  • Persian cats are kind of picky. Their latrines should be cleaned every day.
  • Cats love to live in a clean and comfortable. If possible give a small window or a blank space around the window of the house so that Persian cats can sunbathe.
  •  Playing along will keep him active and not bored.
  • Sunbathing can help maintain their health.

    1 Lazy Persian cat (Photo credit: Magnus Bråth)

In addition to keep mind here, Persian cats can live for 20 years. This means that Persian cats require long-term commitment. You will be happy with them long enough, right? Good luck with these tips. Hopefully you can take care of your cat well and can share with me.

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