How to Trap Bird

We can use cage to trap the bird.

I have ever loss a song bird from Chinese which is called Poksay bird. My brother forgot to close the cage door so the bird runs from me. He tried to catch the bird with his shirt but it does not work. My friend blamed my brother because he did not catch the bird fast.

I have ever tried to catch a Chinese song bird Samho. I put two bamboo cages at the top of my house. There was a Samho bird inside a cage and the other was empty. I let the empty cage’s door open.

The bird approach to my bird and it entered to the trap. I closed the door and I was happy. I forgot that there was a wide bar and it run from me. My friend laughed at me. I was very upset because I was forgotten to close the bar.

Actually, trapping a bird is not easy. You should be patient to do that. You can use bird trap to catch wild pigeon that disturb your house or backyard. Buy the bird trap and put the pigeon feed inside the trap. Once the pigeon enter to the trap, the door will shut.

Trapping bird is safer than shooting the bird with air rifle. Shooting can harm to other people that near you and it also killed the bird. You can also raise the trapped bird at your house. The bird scientist often traps the bird to identify the bird. They will release the bird after putting ring at the shank.

In my country, the hunter use jack fruit sap and bird that can sing well. The wild bird will try to close the decoy because they think the bird want to invade the territory or they want to challenge the bird at the area. Some trapper said that using bird tape is not effective. The bird is not attracted with the voice. Perhaps they know the language of the bird. With this tool, the bird will not hurt. The bird will adhere on the glue that is easy to remove by the hunter. Some bad hunter uses glue for trapping mouse. I think it is not good and it will hurt the bird.

You can also use net to trap a group of bird. Expand net at the one side of field. Drive out bird from one side and they will fly to other side. Alternatively, you can install the net at where the bird usually passes. The bird will be trapped on net, you should catch it immediately.

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