Kitchen, The Very Sole Place of Good Food

Restaurants are everywhere now a days. From good food to crappy food that you could find at the corner of the streets.

     In each house, in each home, there you can always find the warmest place. A place that can either give you good smell that could make your stomach growl and sometimes could also makes your stomach and nose sick if you do not take out the trash. It is the very place where delicious foods are made to serve the hungry.

     The only place that only have one purpose which is to feed. The only place that you could find food to feed your hunger, the very place that you could get clean water to quench your thirst. The only place amongst all of the rooms in the house that you coud find a useful fridge to store your food, two in one sink that you could wash all your dirty dishes, a stove that could give you fire for you to cook what you feel like eating. The only place that could give you food at any time that you like. Sometimes, kitchen is the only place that you would ever want to spent time in thinking about what tomorrow would bring to you.

     But ever since restaurants that opens 24 hours a day have pop up from somewhere, people do not eat at home every single day now. All they know is to just go out, buy food and eat, then return home. Some time they would even buy food from the restaurants and bring them back home to eat with their rest of the family that did not went out of the house with them.

     If people now a days only like to eat out side food, then what is the point of worrying themselves over how the kitchen would look like, or how clean it is? what is the point of worrying then when all you do is just eat outside? Gas tank still full, stove remains clean from the touch of food, the cabinet which you store all the plates and cups now becomes the living place of spiders.

    The point of having the kitchen in your house is to say to you: “Hey, use me and cook something delicious! Save money!”. The whole point of kitchen is so that you could have your own privacy. No, not the kind of privacy that you do with your husband/wife when your kids are not around, but the kind of privacy that lets you know that your foods are yours and no one else. And no one could have to chance of poisoning your food when you are not looking. Even though you are not a good cook like me, that is no problem. Skills of cooking can be improve, but by cooking your own food, you could just cook it the way you like it. If you want to add more salt, more sugar, or even make a simple dish into a brand new recipe, who knows!

     People are becoming more ignorant about the importants of Kitchen. They eat outside as though out side foods are more healthy can cook-yourself food. What workers in a restaurant do to your food, you could hardly see nor notice. Even if they spit into your drink , you would never know. Restaurant now have been more crowded and busy with the amount of people going for out side food. And knowing about the nature of human’s silliness, people makes mistakes, careless mistakes and most of the time brings harm than good. I mean, think for your self, hair dropping into the food while they are preparing them, the cleanliness of the place may not be as clean as you think, and when there are food, there will always be little creatures crawling around the cooking area to which you cannot see. But with you at your own kitchen, at least you could see, hear and smell.

     Think about it, is out side food more better than food that you cook? 

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