I got a kitten.. sorta.

Hello! So I figured I would go ahead and make another post. My girlfriend and her family are going to Florida for 2 weeks so I’m kitten-sitting! Her name is Didi, she is a couple months old..? I don’t even know haha. She is still getting used to our house and stuff but she’ll come around. I’m having to take allergy pills every day though because me and cats don’t mix >.< Didi is loads of fun; she just kinda walks around the house, checking everything out.

Other news. I have been dealing with a relationship problem that my friend is having (or rather I’m helping) As I was listening to all the drama that goes on in public school and the average ‘non-Mormon’ life, I realize that I am very thankful to be both of those. I don’t know what kind of person I would be if I was public schooled all my life… All the stuff I would have been exposed to. I’m not saying I’m some sheltered, socially awkward, and nerdy kid (that’s what I see when I picture homeschoolers) but I’m just glad I’m not used to all the swearing and vulgar language.

My cousin got a job at Firehouse Subs about a week ago, and he says he loves it. It almost being my 16th birthday, I picked up an application from the place. The guy there said I need to fill it out and come back Monday morning.. Hope I get it! It would be nice to work with my cousin, or so I think. 

Noting else has really been going on… It’s Friday :D video games! Fun. Peace


Liked it


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