Missing My Fury Kids

I had to give my cats away.

Are you out there still missing me as I miss you. Do you wonder what went wrong . Why things didn’t turn out like we had hoped.

Are you still angry or sad at the idea that we were not ment to be anything but souls who passed by in a life that did not understand our love.

Are those you are with treating you like I did? Are you safe? Alive Heathy?

My heart brakes thinking that I had to let you go. If I had anyway to get you back in my life I would . The last time we saw each other .

You where angry and curled up under the covers and I knew you didn’t mean to ignor me.

But I knew you knew that if we held each other one last time we would tear our selves apart .

The night you left my insides were on fire and burnd me to the core as I shouted to god in heaven why this thing this terrible thing had to happen.

I wanted to run and scream I wanted to fall and pour earth over my head because part of me was dieing in side.

I wanted to be angry and lash out at the world for not understanding.

Lying there my mind raced and my tears flowed like rivers of salt. I was weak in so many ways and I hated my self for being unable to be strong and keep you.

I am so sorry. So Sorry

Liked it


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