Most Popular Cat Names in America 2012

These are the most popular cat names in America, this is amazing.


 Male                                          Female

1.Max                                         Sassy

2.Sam                                        Misty

3.Tigger                                     Missy

4.Tiger                                       Princess

5.Sooty                                      Samatha

6.Smokey                                   Kitty

7.Lucky                                      Puss

8.Patch                                      Fluffy

9.Simba                                     Molly

10.Smudge                               Daisy

11.Oreo                                    Ginger

12.Milo                                      Midnight

13.Oscar                                   Precious

14.Oliver                                   Maggie

15.Buddy                                  Lucy

16.Boots                                   Cleo

17.Harley                                  Whiskers

18.Gizmo                                  Chloe

19.Charlie                                Sophie

20.Toby                                    Lily

These are the most popular cat names in America.My favorite male cat name is Boots, the name just sounds cool for a cat.My favorite female cat name is Misty, the rest are nice, but Misty sounds more like a cat name.Some people still get surprise that Max is number one for males, I guess the majority of the people dont know that Max is not only a dog name, but also a cat name.It’s more often to see a guy with a dog rather than a cat, and it’s more often to see a girl with a cat rather than a dog.It’s funny how we humans have our favorite domestic animals.Please feel free to leave a comment on this article, you can put the name of your cat just to see how many cat names we get on this article.Cats have way more patience than dogs, dogs are always unpatient.Cats are more smarter and quiet than dogs, they think before making a move.I love how a cat always pees and poops at the same spot, a dog doesn’t do that.Cats have more swagger than dogs, they always keep their cool, the majority of dogs are always hyper.Cats are born self discipline, and you have to train a dog to become discipline.Sometimes I guess I wish I had a cat, because they’re so peaceful.A dog is very loyal but sometimes he gets too crazy where I can’t control him any more.It would be amazing if there’s a cat the size of a dog, I would definitely buy one.I love both domestic pets I just love them differently.Like I said before, please to all my readers please leave a comment don’t be scared, please feel free.The last thing I’m going to say about cats is that their very intelligent pets, their skull is little but their brains is big, it’s amazing the patience they have for hunting, I’ve seen how they wait for hours, very cool.Thank you for checking out this article, like always it’s your friend Spectacular from, peace.

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