Mouse Flavored Cat Food

How people view pet food, and pet food ideas as pertaining to pet cats. Have you ever wondered why we do not have Mouse Flavored Cat Food?

Why do so many cat owners think that “mouse flavored” cat food is a good idea? This product is not real, at least not where I live. Mouse probably tastes just like Chicken anyhow, I mean does not every thing taste like chicken? Here is my basic problem with the idea of mouse flavored cat food. One word. “Flavored”. I don’t even like to see “chicken flavored” cat food. I want to see a cat food that says “Chicken”, not “flavored”.

You have to wonder where would mouse flavoring come from? How will we distill the flavor out of tiny little rodents?  Okay so lets forget making mouse “flavored” cat food, and stick to making the real thing, perhaps a canned cat food made of mice?

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If we are actually going to make kitty food out of real mice, we will need a heck of a lot of mice, good thing they are prolific breeders. Imagine rows and rows of mice in cages breeding to make more mice who could be used in cat food. We would have to destroy entire cities to cage all the mice. Of course we would save on space in that the slaughter yard would be tiny.

Now we need staff for the mouse slaughter house. I wonder how we should kill the mice who are going to be used for food? A bullet to the head will shatter the whole critter and who will get to scrape the cat food off the wall. Can you imagine being the guy who has to remove the fur and shave the meat off of the little mice bodies? Not a job I would want. I think I will work in the marketing department, or even taste testing.
What next, sparrow flavored cat food? My cats like to go after flies in the summer, shall we introduce fly flavored too? That would be one insanely fun factory to work in, plucking wings off of flies so the body part can be rendered into food. What about the pets who enjoy licking sweat off their owners? Do we cater to them with delicate sweat flavored pet treats?

Seriously Folks the Reason why we do not have Mouse Flavored Cat Food

Not many consumers would buy mouse flavored cat food.  It would be a marketing nightmare, the making of such food really would not be an issue, the mice would probably be treated the same way the day old male chicks are treated (fed by conveyor belt into a grinder), they would not be skinned or deboned.  But mice still repulse people, even dead mice, as such the market would not be strong enough to warrant making such a cat food. 

Besides.. cats can still go find the real thing!

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    You made one important statement here: Cats wouldn’t want mice prepared for them for purposes of flavoring, they can find mice if that is what they need for the beauty of mice is in hunting for them stealthily and not in their taste.

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