My Bengal Cat

A very rare Bengal Cat who’s name is Storm and for a very good reason. When this kitty gets angry it is just like a storm of anger.

This nice looking Bengal cat gets what it wants, when it wants it. If you do not give this Bengal what it wants a storm will be a brewing and you do not want to deal with this cat when it is angry. I had just woke storm up from his daily nap and he was not to happy with me. I was very lucky he did not rip me apart right then and there. My son woke up storm to early one night and he now has a nice 6 inch gash on his leg to remind him of his wrong doing. I would never trade my Bengal cat for any other cat, for they are a huge amount of fun all the time. If you are thinking about getting a Bengal cat, be aware that you will have to give this cat a lot of attention. Bengals are also very chatty and are full of energy. They will even try to open doors as they watch and see you do it and learn very fast. Bengal cats do not have fur they have pelt, it is much softer than a regular cats fur. Bengals love to go outside for walks and will get very excited when they see you bring out the cat harness, just like a dog. Treat your Bengal with love and care, and this cat will become your best friend in the whole world. 

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