My Cat Went for a Surgery

My cat Jingga has gone for a surgery last two days.

My cat Jingga is a domestic shorthair breed .  I love him dearly . There is something wrong with his mouth , when I went to a new vet , she said that Jingga had to have a surgery . I have stalled the surgery because of financial reasons. I thought I could stall it and just take some medications instead . However this has to be done . I left him with the vet, a lady doctor . The next day I surrendered  my investment policy .  I do not want to loose this cat like I did with Cleopatra Chomel. I have regretted eversince I lost her .

My mother had agreed to borrow her monies. The next day I called the clinic. They said that it was a long surgery  and Jingga was still unconscious , and when he was trying to wake up .  He tried to claw his mouth . It was his jaw  which was deformed. I felt really scared as the vets had attached like an iron on his jaw and he would tear it away . We rushed to the vet  , my mother and I . The vet gave us a plastic collar. When he woke up he tugged at the plastic collar and he jumped in the cage . She said it was lucky that  I saw what happened. I was really scared. Jingga  did not want to be in cage because I have never locked him. When the plastic collar was removed , he tried to claw his mouth . At last  I let him out of the cage , he walked and would not let him to be touched. We thought we will send him to the vet tomorrow.This happened many times .

At last he was tired and I was too and then  as my husband was furious  when the collar  was off again  . He said many things to me.  When I dozed off , I heard some tiny sounds outside the door. When I opened the door , I saw my cat without the plastic collar and meowing  . I hugged him and he went to his sleeping place  at the  lower part of my cupboard. He has been sleeping there for about a week.  His hideout . He was very hungry and the doctor said he cannot eat anything . The next day I fed him boiled fish . He could eat and he was given antibiotics every four hours. He was given some energy drink. That was yesterday . He could eat but he needs a good bath .  I will be seeing the vet every week for the next four weeks for a jab. I wonder how much it will cost to put the iron in his mourht and  will his jaw  be okay  . I hope everything will go well. I have two other  kittens outside  . Their mother had brought them .  I did not know about what happens to cats after a surgery , and I did not ask .  Perhaps it was my fault that I did not question the vet .

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