Pet The Tiger

When you see a cat, you are seeing Nature’s royalty.

The dramatist and critic Dr. Samuel Johnson said that he believed that “God created the cat so man would know what it was like to pet the tiger.” All cat owners should be grateful to their Creator for this kindness. The house cat is among the most beautiful and graceful of all animals. Blessed with keen senses, great balance and the intelligence of an accomplished predator, it is descended from some of Nature’s noblest creatures, lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat, recognizing its royal ancestory. A lot of people are put off by the quirkiness of the cat’s behavior. It is true that they can be difficult animals. They are stubborn, they are notoriously picky eaters, they will go wherever they want to in your house and they are at times aloof. The picky eating is actually something they cannot help. They really do not have a good sense of smell. They like their food to be alive or, well, stinky. Since most owners are not accomodating in this area, they choose to just graze at the bowls that are put out for them. They have to eat, but they are really not that thrilled by the dinners we set out for them. So, they eat when they must and when it is obvious we are not going to put a live rat or a slightly rotten piece of meat in their dish. As far as there constant roaming of the house goes, this is a habit of their wild relatives. They constantly patrol their territory to make sure all is well. This is why your cat is constanly checking out the house. It just wants to make sure that everything, including you, is where it should be. The aloofness is also an inherent trait. The big cats, with the exception of the lion, are not social animals. Mother raises her litter without daddy’s help and when they are old enough, she shoos them away, sometimes quite forcefully. Your cats occasional reluctance to hang out with you is just kitty being kitty. In fact, it is kind of amazing they stay with us at all. Why do they? For some reason, over thousands of years they seem to have grown fond of us. After all, we feed them, care for them, groom them and no doubt amuse them. Like royalty everywhere they come to love their subjects. Remember, next time Fluffy jumps on the table while your cooking dinner, that you are in the presence of one of the animal kingdom’s true aristocrats. And when your cat lays down next to you and starts to purr, think how wonderful it is to snuggle with royalty.

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