Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs as Pets

Understanding what makes cats better performers than dogs as family members!

Cats do not have to work hard on maintaining their beauty because they are already blessed with ample cuteness.  But this is not all!  All cats also carry an unusually elegant personality. That is why, sometimes it can be hard to understand whether they have come from royal household or wild. On the other side of the line we have dogs. Not all of them are that good looking. Additionally, no matter how much it is stretched that dogs are men’s best friends, at the end of the day, many of them turn out to be extremely annoying. So it is possible to say that as pets, cats are better performers than them. The last statement is still incomplete because the main reasons behind this are not complete discussed. So we take a look at them below:

Cats do not need attention like dogs:

It is a fact that cats are very independent and introverted. Yes, they can sometimes need attention from their owners, but that is only when they are hungry or have a small complaint to report. On the other hand, dogs hate to be left alone. In fact, being isolated makes them moody and depressed. Moreover, when they see their owners they get over excited which they show with their open mouth and fast moving tails.

Cats do not get curious about their own waste products:

Dogs are usually very curious about their waste products and thus, they like to sniff them. What this means is that no matter how much shower they receive their mouth areas remain unclean. Cats, on the other hand, have aversion to anything dirty. That is why, they do not show interest in their own or someone else’s waste products. 

Cats do not bark at guests:

A dog barking at a random guest in your house can turn out to be an embarrassing situation for you. Yes, dogs snap and that is also out of the blue. Cats are not like that. If they do not like a guest they choose to stay away from them. In other words, they prefer peace over war.

Cats are more original than dogs:

It seems that dogs would do anything to get pampered. This rather proves that they can be fake. On the contrary, cats carry a unique personality. They do not make a scene to get accepted by people. Perhaps, that is why, cat behavior is taken as cute as well as funny. Interestingly,at Youtube, if you upload videos of your cat doing random things  you will get hundred to thousands of views from them overnight. Yes, even Youtube officials have said that most people at Youtube search for kitty videos. Indirectly this means that cat owners can make big bucks at Youtube just with the help of their cats.

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