“Rescue Me”

A poem about adopting a mama stray cat from certain death,from out in the cold streets.

She bore them all alone,
No loving pats to ease her pain,
No cozy house to shield her
From the wind and driving rain.

No bowls of milk to give her,
Nourishment to feed.
Six hungry little kittens,
Who clung to her in need.

She knew she had to find a way,
To keep her babies alive.
She needed help from somewhere,
If they were to survive.

So when the night was over,
And the sun rose in the sky.
One by one she took them,
To a house that stood nearby.

Instinct must have guided her,
To choose a refuge where.
There lived a lonely widow,
With room enough to spare.

One without a child,
To brighten up her days.
One who wouldn’t turn away,
Poor homeless little strays.

The mother sat and waited,
Till the door was open wide.
And she and all six kittens,
Were allowed to come inside.

And that’s just where they are today,
A happy feline crew.
Purring with contentment,
But full of mischief too!

And she who took them in,
And gave them tender loving care.
Has found her home a brighter place,
Because they’re living there!

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