Sudden Cat Aggression: Why Does my Cat Attack Me After Cuddling with Me?

Why would any feline in his right mind bite and scratch when he’s being cuddled? Sudden Cat Aggression is a puzzling problem, but it can often be solved by paying attention to your kitty’s body language.

Don’t you just hate it when your cat suddenly attacks you when she’s cuddling with you?  This bad cat habit is one of the most annoying and painful cat behavior problems.  How to stop cat biting is the question of the year for many cat owners.

The solution to the problem of sudden cat aggression may be that you’re missing certain behavior cues from your cat.

How To Read Your Cat’s Body Language

You can learn a lot about your feline’s frame of mind by observing him and learning what his body language means.

  • Friendly:  His ears are slightly pointed forward.  His fur is smooth and sleek, and he’s holding his tail vertically, straight up.  He may even run to greet you  and meet you with a cheery meow. He’ll want to butt his head on you, and will touch noses with you.  His whiskers will either be pointed sideways if he’s relaxed, or fanned out if he’s more alert.
  • Playful:  His pupils are dilated (big round eyes).  His tail will be in various positions, depending on if he’s stalking you or getting ready for a mock attack.  His ears will be pointed forward, and his whiskers will be fanned out and maybe even facing forward.  He may chatter as he sneaks up on his prey.
  • Submissive:  Your cat won’t make direct eye contact.  His ears will be flat, and his coat smooth.  His tail will be down and close to his body.  He’ll be crouching with his head down, and make even make a silent meow.  
  • Fearful:  His ears are flattened back against his head, and his whiskers are pulled back next to his face.  He may be crouching, facing sideways, with the fur on his shoulders and tail standing up.    
  • Defensively aggressive: His ears are flattened, and his back is arched.  His fur is standing up, and his tail is either up and over his back, or it’s low to the ground.  His mouth is open, and he’s hissing, growling, and spitting.  You may see him slap the ground with his front paw.  He’ll roll over onto his back, ready to fight, if he can’t get away from what’s threatening him.
  • Offensively aggressive:  He stares directly at his opponent with dilated pupils.  The hair on his shoulders and tail is standing up.  He’s snarling, and his tail is down.  You’ll see him facing forward, crouching and ready to spring at his enemy.

Pay Attention To What Your Cat Is Telling You

You may never see your cat go into full aggressive mode unless he’s feeling threatened by a dog or another cat.  And of course, each cat responds differently.  Some cats look very aggressive, puffing up their fur, arching their backs, and turning sideways when they’re playing.  You need to observe your feline friend, and learn how to read his individual body cues.

One thing is for certain, if you’re petting him, and he lays his ears back and starts lashing his tail back and forth, that’s his signal that he’s had enough for now.  Continue at your peril, because you’ve been warned.

You can often prevent sudden aggression in cats, just by paying more attention what your kitty’s trying to tell you with his actions.

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