The Triplets

Three kittens born in my brother’s wood pile.

One year my brother called me to come over to his house.  It seemed that a cat had three kittens and the mother cat hadn’t been spotted for some days. So over I go with no intention at all in keeping the kittens.  Once there I discovered that they were feral.  I asked for a box and heavy duty gloves.  It always amazes me how these small little fluff balls can spit, make a horrible noise and scratch you up badly.  Surprisingly, though, once placed in the box they all calmed down.

They all had some degree of conjuctitious.  I assumed the one who was worse was the first born, the second had one bad eye and the third only had one weeping eye.  I had high hopes that these kittens would be healed and my brother could take them to work and have all three adopted out…it didn’t go as plan.

Junior,the first born had one eye that was really bad.  I took them to one doctor and he seemed to want to educate me and kept saying he’d seen me before.  For a week I followed the doctor’s instructions.  Junior lost one eye.  Took him back to the same doctor and he was telling me it would cost hundreds of dollars to remove the eye that it would be better to leave him to have him put to sleep.  I left crying…with Junior in my hands.

Went to another doctor. By then Juniors second eye was all ready badly infected.  I was given more ointment but different instructions.  The kittens seem to do better with this treatment.

In the end, Junior lost both eyes, Bubbie still has one “baby” eye that he can’t see out of and Indiana, you can’t tell he even was sick.  Junior doesn’t know he can’t see.  He’s a good hunter of bugs.  We have a fenced in yard and take him out and watch them all.  Of course his baby brother Indiana was mean and would stay still and then pounce on him.  So I got collars for him and Bubbie that had bells on them.  It gave a little heads up for Junior.  When we move furniture, we don’t do it all at once.  We also “show” him by picking him up and letting him feel his way around.

To the mother cat, they are doing fine.  Sorry we couldn’t find you to spay you. 

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