Tips for Keeping Your Kitty Litter Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Kitty Litter Smelling Clean.

A dirty kitty litter stinks and it is the first thing you smell when you walk in someone’s door so it helps to try and keep it smelling clean. Here are a few quick idea’s to help keep the odors out of the house.

Notice when you walk in the door the first thing you notice are the smells around you. Well there is nothing worse then a stinky kitty litter so I try to keep mine smelling fresh. And here are a few ways you can help keep the smell down. It helps to keep it clean but sometimes that is just not enough.

 Try adding some baby powder to your kitty litter when you clean it and do this often. Try chaning it as often as possible by having a scooper where you can clean it as often as possible and using scoopable kitty litter will be much quicker and easier.

 Place the toilet paper freshner in your kitty litter. You kitty should not mind this because I have three and they don’t mind it. Just keep it to the side so it is not in the way.

 Once a month give your kitty litter a good cleaning and use baking soda to help clean. Baking soda is good for keeping down those bad smells.

 If all else fails get rid of your cat … just joking we don’t want to get rid of our pets :)

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