Two Reasons Why Cats Love Fried Chicken and Watermelon

When the summer months roll in, it’s high time for a picnic. While we exterminate pests like ants, spiders, rats and roaches, we allow our feline friends to survive. During these outdoor meals, cats go for the good stuff first: chicken and watermeloN! Read about the two reasons why kitties love these seasonal treats.

Kitten (Photo credit: Magnus Bråth)

1. Kittens love to have crackling fried products pressed against their plump lips.

Just when you think that you should feed your cat Fancy Feast, you instead find yourself purchasing a bucket of the Colonel’s best.  Kittens get a kick out of crunching into those golden brown morsels and savoring that white flesh. 

2. It’s in their cat genees that makes them crave watermelon

The sweet, succulent aroma of the dark apple will have your kitty crawling with delight.  The nectar of this supple treat supplies kitties with the sustenance that they need to ride in tinted vehicles with the bass blaring on chrome wheels.

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