Two Ways to Keep Your Kitty Healthy

With so many soaps, creams, detergents, body moisturizers and hygiene kits on the markets. It is a wonder why some kitty cats lack the regular care and upkeep to make your cat smell pretty. Here’s a list of ways to ensure the freshness of your cat.

Cat bliss (Photo credit: @Doug88888)




1. Always use clean water and a mild soap

Some cats shutter at the touch of hard water.  That is the time to call your maintenance man and land lord to adjust the hardness of the water that you use.  Ensure that the water is organic and vegan an never harmed anything but humans.  Next, with a mild soap that is gluten and lactose free, massage the soap water into yout kitten’s fur.  The pleasurable sensation that your kitten responds to will indicate its love, hate, or cold indifference for you.

2. Never use a hot water bottle to maintain your cat’s freshness

While it may have beeen a great idea in the days of yore, actually doucing your cat will offfset its natural pH balanace.  It could possibly make your kitten smell like raw salmon left out on a humid summer’s day.  It is instead important to utilize a dolphin-safe whale-safe, seal-salfe all natural free-trade shampoo to keep your kittty fresh and giddy!

Soap or soup? (Photo credit: Dushan and Miae)


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