Two Ways to Let Kitty Play with Other Kitties

Sometimes cats like to get other cars involved. Let those kitties play! Here are two quick ways to get your kitties to play nicely together!

1. Always allow your cat to relax before it goes to play with other cats

It is of prime importance that we let our felines get as comfortable as possible.  The cat species usually has bones that humans do not possess.  The muscles of the cat also must be flexed and primed for the exertion that is to come soon.  Let your cat lay flat on its back on a red velvet pillow found at any non-profit, local, micro-managed, independent shop. Your cat will indulge in the rich and pleasurable texture of the red velvet.  Make your kitty happy, now!

2. Clear the room of obstacles so that kitties can play nicely

At times, our restless fur-balls tend to crawl into bins that don’t concern them.  So clean off that night stand with the welfare checks and food stamps.  Clean out the waste paper basket near the cellar door with the discarded Essence, Guns and Ammo, The Believer, The Economist magazines and plop your kitties on that hardwood floor.  Let them paw. Let them pry. Allow one of them to be pounced upon with great vigor and profound vim.  May your kitties play arduously and relentlessly in passionate display of cat ecstasy. Name one your kittens Molly and the other Mary Jane. Amen.

Cat bliss (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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