Want a Pet? Get a Kitten!


Why not get a lovely furry loving kitten for a pet? They are the cutest little things with a craving to play, they have mega energy and they are so fun to cuddle and to have around.

And although kittens might bite and scratch and get into things and chew holes through your shoes, kittens are wonderful to have around!

First, decide where will you get your adorable feline? At the pet store? An animal shelter? And what will you need to fit the kittens needs?

The most important thing in order to keep a kittie safe is to get a cat carrier. You should get this even before you get a kitten. All pet stores have one and they don’t cost an arm or a leg. You will need a cat carrier to transfer your furry little friend from the pet store or shelter to your home.

Next thing, you will need food for the kitten. I recomend either Science Diet or Purina Kitten Chow. Both have mega protien and vitamins that a kitten needs in order to stay healthy.

Then, you will need a litter box and cat litter. All pet stores have litter boxes and cat litter you can get anywhere. And remember to get cat toys that will have catnip in them. Get two or three cat toys. Your kitty cat will have a ball playing with them.

When you take the kittie home, let kittie out of the cat carrier and let he or she explore your home.

While kitten is exploring your home, get a dish of water and also milk. Take the cat food and pour it into a bowl. The cat litterbox and cat dish must be by the food so this way, your kitten will have an easy time getting into the litter box, when needed. Put litter into the litter box.

What will you name the kitten? I have a whole bunch of names you can name your kitten to help out, or you can just think of names to name your kitten yourself.

Here are names that I think will be helpful to name your feline friend. Here goes it: Marnie, Milky, Sparkle, Sparky, Baby,  Patches, Kid, Kit, Sparkum, Snooky, Snookum,  Tom Boy, Kitty, Cat, Brownie, Cockie, Sheba, Sebastion, Wellington, Cookie, Limey, Tom, Jerry, Puddy cat, Pudding, Ivy, Hollie, Crystal, Jenna, Morris.

So many names to choose from!

Here are spme pointers on taking care of your kitten.

Always have a bowl of food and water ready. The litter box must be cleaned every day. Always have a good supply of kitty litter handy. Don’t feed the kitten too much milk. He or she will get sick.

Cats can’t stand being in water, so get some cat shampoo spray at the pet store and spray the kitten’s fur all over it with the spray. Brush the shampoo off with a cat brush.

Keep your cat well groomed by brushing them with a cat brush often. This way, their fur will be in good condition.

Clip their nails or take them to the Vet. to clip them. Cats grow sharp claws that may hurt you. So clip their nails  often. I recomend that you don’t declaw your kitten, because for one, that’s cruelty to your kittie and for another, cats and kittens need their nails to itch themself and too cling onto things such as the furniture.

Every three years, take kitty in for a visit to the vet. Have the vet give he or she their distemperment shots and their rabies shots as well as their anti feline lukemia shot. Getting the kittie fixed is up to you.

Cats are smart and independent unlike dogs, so you don’t have to worry about kittie making messes all over your lovely Oriental rug or feeding times. Most kittens are litter box trained at a young age and they will eat their food until they are full. So don’t worry about those two things.

Play with your cats. Give he or she cat toys to play with. Love up kitty and hug he or she.

Now that’s a good pet to have. Get ‘em while ya can!

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  1. willie wondka

    On November 5, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    plenty of kittens and cats around because people chuck them out and then they breed.

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