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I love them, personally……

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You will bring that cute little furry cat home.  It doesn’t matter if he’s Persian, Angora or mixture of just about anything we used to refer to as  Alley Cats, he or she will be so cute!  The first thing that you will notice about him almost immediately is that he is independent.   It won’t be because he doesn’t need you down the line, because he will need you and nag you and make you want to kick him/her out but you will marvel at its independence in other areas.

You don’t have to train a cat where to urinate or do number two or anything like that.  You provide that littler box, show him where it is  and he will know that this is the place for relief.  He or she will not be territorial and will not seek out a particular place to be to relax and sleep but will find a comfort zone, say in a corner, at your feet or on the enclosed porch.  Just put a little bed where he seems to like and this is where he will be.  He will be quiet for the most part but feeding time is when he or she will drive you crazy.

From the first time a cat associates that can-opener with their can of food, you’d better not touch the opener and let them hear you.  They think feeding time is only for them so the click of a can-opener on a can will send them sailing towards you.  I had to finally trick my cat and open the food in the washroom maybe, put it in a plastic container until feeding time and then quietly fill the bowl.

These animals are nothing like dogs.  They don’t belong on a leash and they cannot walk down the street with you.  They’re not about that.  The only thing that will happen will be that they will wander away and sometimes get lost.  One day after a frantic search that just may turn into several days you may find your cat looking at you curiously from across the street and tentatively approaching you as if to say “I’m so sorry, I got confused”.  This happens.  Mine was lost for months until she found my sister and I in the basement where we washed our clothes at our residence.  She was so dirty and pitiful!  Her Angoran hair was matted but her eyes were bright, she was healthy but in bad need of the Veterinarian to get her look back together.

Cats can development a Watch Dog manner too.  Leave for the store and they will sit at the window and watch you walk down the street.  They will wait patiently for your return and if they spot you coming down the street they will sit at the door as you fiddle with your keys or ring the door bell if someone else is at home.  They will retract their claws and wrap their arms around your leg and then when they are playing, they will wallow around on the floor grabbing at your legs with retracting claws.  They really show love in a sweet way.

The sweetest part about a cat is that you must earn their love because they are stand-offish initially.  Then one day they will hop on your lap and look at you and purr and  you will talk gently to them and you can tell that they are so pleased.  Then they will feel for a comfortable spot on your lap and fall asleep.  It’s something comforting about that.  And when they think you trust them, they will sleep at the foot of your bed, careful to keep their distance.  Sleeping with animals have never been my thing but with a cat, they will keep a respectable distance and will never appear close to your pillow.  They’re lovable but still private to that extent, and quite respectful.

Sometimes a cat seems really fickle, but understanding that they are very domesticatable and sweet and showing no fear and seeing that they are really good pets is a plus on your part.  I know that the Canine is man’s best friend.  I believe that too but I never had a truck with dogs or too much luck.  I’m scared of them which is kind of shameful in this day and age.  But cats like me and I like them.  They’re good at picking up on your vibes.  Peace.

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  1. momofplenty

    On June 1, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I love cats too, they have such personality!

  2. Lisa Marie Mottert

    On June 1, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Well, sometimes our male cat Sunny, acts like a dog,!
    We love our cats, Layla and Sunny!
    Thanks for the wonderful share:)

  3. blanka

    On June 4, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Cats? Independent is putting it mildly – they’re downright self-centered, and I love them still.
    Good piece of writing.

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